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An insight into the access of surgical areas with retracting and exposing instruments (Surgical Retractors)!

Under the operating headlight, the insentient body with an open incision or wound being examined by the surgeon’s eye. The deep inner area of surgery …

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Surgical Instruments

How To Take Proper Care Of Surgical Instruments? – Better Care, Less Harmful!

As a medical professional, you can never overstate the importance of reliable surgical equipment. Surgical instruments require delicacy and accuracy, so surgeons could make the …

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What Do You Know About Forceps? — Have A Look At A Thorough Review

Forceps were invented back in 1735 by Peter Chamberland, the elder in England. Today, forceps are evolved into many critical surgical instruments. Mechanically, forceps are …

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The current situation of this deadly disease, “COVID-19” is getting worse day by day. Indeed, each one of us has to take some precautionary measures …

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Let’s Break The Jargons – Not Only Doctors But Everyone Needs To Learn About The Basics Of Needles!

In view of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, health care departments need contingency planning. However, there were many patients who had to undergo some kind of …

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orthopedic covid 19

Prevention Of Orthopedic Problems In Times Like These – Let’s Join Hands To Save Each Other During COVID-19

Who does not face orthopedic problems? However, the second wave of COVID-19 has created fear in people as this wave is worse than before.  Moreover, …

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surgical retractors

Types and Uses of Surgical Retractors

Before delving into details, let’s eliminate jargon for non-medical readers. What exactly is a surgical retractor? Surgical Retractor – What is it, and what does …

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surgical instruments

Thought-Provoking Strategies to Implement Surgical Scissors

Chapter 1: Don’t Be Afraid of the Surgical Scissors Unless You Don’t Know About it.   Surgical Scissors: Welcome to the A1Medcare; we are here …

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From Head Surgery to a Toe Injury, Untold Importance of Surgical Needles!

Congratulations, the Surgery has been done successfully! You can now visit the patient after some time. We are A1 MedCare Company and burning candle at both …

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Custom Surgical Scissors

The Role of Surgical Scissors in a Surgery – A Thorough Guide

Chapter 1: It’s Impossible to Operate Without Surgical Scissors: As some of the usages of scissors are mentioned in the previous scissor’s blog, now with …

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Single-Use Surgical Instrument Vs. Reusable — Which One is better For You?

The cost of surgical procedures these days is abnormally high, so health professionals look for ways to make their surgical instruments efficient enough to balance …

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