Single-Use Surgical Instrument Vs. Reusable — Which One is better For You?

The cost of surgical procedures these days is abnormally high, so health professionals look for ways to make their surgical instruments efficient enough to balance the overall expenditure. However, they also need to take things into account relating to patient safety.
So, what type of surgical instruments can provide you with benefits with both aspects? This post will go through several key factors and see the actual benefits of single-use tools over reusable ones. 

How to compare the cost

The overall cost per use of disposable surgical instruments is easy due to their nature. You get the value by multiplying the price of single-use tools by the number of times used. However, it doesn’t cover the disposal and administrational cost, including the time to purchase and other overheads. Nevertheless, these are just marginal costs that most health institutes don’t even consider. 

Often people think that reusable instruments would be very cost-efficient due to their ability to be used multiple times. Of course, this does make sense at first, but it is quite the opposite as you will look deeper. 

A study was conducted on the cost per use of both disposable and reusable instruments. The study concluded that the average cost of disposable forceps came out at $38, whereas reusable forceps came out at $415 including the factors of cleaning and reprocessing.

However, this study showed only the results in the case of forceps only. Several surgical instruments vary several products. The price gap is gigantic because that cost is apart from all the issues you could face from reusable instruments like cross-contamination and wrongly processed instruments. 

The actual cost of reusable instruments is hard to predict, whereas you can quickly get the single-use instrument’s value.  For instance, if you buy a specific single-use surgical instrument in bulk, its price will stay the same, only with small variations based on the quantity that leads to lower prices. 

Meanwhile, with reusable instruments, you also need to depend on the facility, an organization that handles all the sterilization utilities. Hence, transportation and reprocessing expenses should also be considered. 

How Disposal Surgical Instrument is the best choice?

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The first generation of single-use micro-instruments was introduced back in the early 2000s. The first generation of disposal instruments was very flexible and less reliable. Also, its limited option for instrumentation restricted it to be used in several surgeries. 

With time, several issues relating to flexibility and reliability have been resolved with advanced microsurgery disposal instruments. The variable shaft design and the use of titanium have made single-use instruments consistently reliable. 

When a surgeon opens up a new single-use surgical instrument, he/she will know that it will perform the same as one before. Likewise, the gradual use of reusable surgical scissors can affects its precision that may cause delays and possible complications during the surgery. 

The Aspect of Fragility 

Reusable instruments have always been considered the least of choice. With time their overall quality has also been decreased and often requires several replacements and services. The life of a reusable instrument depends on the comprehensive and how well to take care of them. On the other hand, single-use instruments obviate such fragility issues. 


Sterilization is a significant concern with reusable surgical instruments. Chances of insufficient disinfection during the cleaning process raise many questions regarding tidiness and trimness. 

Small fragments of tissues can be hard to spot and even challenging to deal with. Such neutral tissues can cause several infections. The sterilization of reusable instruments is time-consuming, challenging, and causes delays between back to back surgeries. At the same time, surgeons don’t need to wait for sterilization when they are using new each time. 

Environmental Impact 

Medical waste is a significant by-product of all healthcare facilities. Let alone, the US healthcare department is the 2nd largest contributor to medical waste in the world with 4 Billion pounds of waste each year.
Most medical waste from hospitals come from operating rooms. The cost of reusable vs. single-use instruments varies significantly on paper. As beyond environmental impacts, the cost is also a significant concern these days. Some studies assert the use of disposable instruments as they cost more than reprocessing ones. 

Inventory Options 

When surgeons bear the cost of reusable instruments, their high value affects their ability to have a wide assortment of options. Often, when infrequent tools are required, they are often oxidized, in disrepair, or even rusted, depending on when they were last used. 

Surgeon tools
Surgeon tools – scalpel, forceps, clamps, scissors

Now disposable instruments are available in various varieties that include forceps, picks, surgical scissors, and surgical needlesWe offer several multiple types of forceps, including add-on forceps and alligator forceps. Each surgeon uses different surgical techniques and thus, we recommend them to contact us to obtain a sample and evaluate the product themselves.
Thus, if multiple surgeons use a single operation room, each can have his/her own set of surgical instruments based on their priority. 

Cost of Infection

There are more than 230 million surgical cases conducted worldwide. About 10% of those surgical cases have a risk of getting infections. Due to surgical conditions, the average time of stay of each patient goes up to 10 days. Out of all surgical diseases, uncleaned surgical equipment attributes causes 30% of them. 


Choosing between single-use and despicable veterinary surgical instruments requires many different circumstances such as reliability, fragility, sterility, environmental impact, cost of infections, and the number of equipment requires at a time.
In a world where reusable surgical tools are challenging to care for and are also prone to damage, single-use instruments are the best option for most surgeons out there. We provide disposable instruments that are entirely reliable and sterile. 

Disposable tools are more cost-effective when determining both intangible and tangible costs. Moreover, you can also have a wide range of instruments at a meager investment, whereas it would be difficult for you to get a range of expensive reusable instruments. 

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