The current situation of this deadly disease, “COVID-19” is getting worse day by day. Indeed, each one of us has to take some precautionary measures to stay safe from this disease. The roots of this disease are getting deeper with time. However, various vaccines have been introduced by now, but not even one of them works the best. It is so because COVID-19 has stayed longer than expected and it has mostly become immune to all the used medications. By keeping this situation into consideration, there is a definite need to take every step carefully. 

Our safety is entirely dependent on our own doings. The high end can only introduce precautionary measures, But the implementation is our duty. Therefore, take proper care of yourself and your loved ones at all costs.

Although, not everyone can sit idle for such a long period because the majority of the population in major areas consists of the middle class and poor people only. This is why everybody has to earn their bread and butter on their own for a living. But what you need to do the most is to step out of your house while following all the compulsory SOPs. 

One factor where the extreme concern is needed is that you need to take minor as well as major health-related issues seriously. Visit your doctor at the very instant to prevent any further damage. 

Point to ponder:

Follow all the SOP’s religiously.


Besides, if you are wearing a mask, gloves, and carrying a sanitizer before leaving your house, you have fulfilled your duty. Now, the duty of the hospital staff started. 

Like, no matter whether you are at the hospital for a regular checkup or any major or minor surgery, the hospital staff has to use everything after proper sterilization. Especially in the current situation where everything leads to being the cause of COVID. For instance, considering mild fever as an insignificant discomfort, the thermometers need to be adequately disinfected. It is so to prevent the spread of germs. 

However, in times like these where COVID tends to spread because of many ailments as well as any slight distress. It is necessary to sterilize all kinds of surgical instruments. The same is the case with major or minor surgeries because the surgical pieces of equipment have to be looked upon with the intense care to prevent the ephemeral of COVID or any other germs. While talking about surgeries, one can never forget the need for scissors.


Yes! The scissors are the major required thing, no matter whether the surgery is minor or major. Additionally, there are so many different types of surgery that are in use for different purposes. Like, even in minor surgery, you need different types of scissors. Moreover, each of the required scissors needs to be properly sterilized and later cross-checked properly.
Indeed, all of you are quite aware that there is no specific reason for the spread of the COVID. It can be because of anything you use or touch. Therefore, precaution is way better than painful and risky treatments. 


Somehow, for the perfect and fruitful surgery, a surgeon is entirely dependent on his equipment rather than the experience. Additionally, the whole surgery process includes the 80% use of different types of scissors.
There are two major types of surgical scissors:

  1. Ring scissors
  2. Spring forceps scissors

 However, these further have so many scissor types which are used for different purposes. Here comes the point that to make these scissors usable for an extended period, they need to be properly cleaned and sterilized. Here means that the sterilization process is compulsory to keep the patient unharmed from the COVID or any other disease and for the lifelong working of the scissors.  

So now the discussion is how to make the scissors disinfect and sterilized? There are so many ways that are being in use for the sterilization purpose of the scissors. A few of them are the following:

Steam Sterilization

This process of sterilization is done with the steam sterilizers’ help, which is also called the Autoclaves. In this process, the autoclave applies concentrated pressure to the scissors, and later the heat destroys all the microorganisms on the scissors. 

Dry Heat Sterilization

Besides, there are some of the scissors that cannot bear the intense heat pressure. Therefore, for such types of scissors, the best process is dry heat sterilization.
Although it is a slow, time consuming but quite an effective process, additionally, the air of around 340 degrees is used to kill microbial life. 

Chemical Sterilization

In this process, different strong chemicals are in use for the sterilization process of the scissors. Like, the usable chemicals are ozone, ethylene oxide, and bleach. Indeed, these chemicals have the power to kill a hefty number of pathogens. 

Plasma Gas Sterilization

In this plasma gas sterilization process, the low-temperature hydrogen peroxide-based gas plasma kills the bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the chamber. This is also a safe sterilization process for the environment and the medical staff as the oxygen and the water are the remaining of this process.

Whether you are a patient or a medical staff, pay your duties properly, and follow the possible SOPs. Indeed, you are not only responsible for your own care but also for others.

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