From Head Surgery to a Toe Injury, Untold Importance of Surgical Needles!

Congratulations, the Surgery has been done successfully! You can now visit the patient after some time. We are A1 MedCare Company and burning candle at both ends to contribute to the completion of every kind of Surgery by providing the surgical needles.

“Surgical needles are extensively used in the placement of a suture in tissues; attachment of needle with the surgical suture is an essential aspect for making Surgery’s success. These needles should be designed in a way to hold up the suture material through the tissues. They are made up of stainless steel comprising intermetallic compound chromic, which makes them corrosion resistant.”

The needle penetrates into layers of skin (from the dermis to subcutaneous), a painless unsounded scream under an unconscious state of the body, giving the breath of survival to intended body tissues, cluster up to performing functions of the organ, the journey of needles making the Surgery up to completion by the hands of surgeons, the only lifesavers after GOD! 


Highlight The Characteristics Of Standard Surgical Needles! Fulfill The Surgeon’s Choice Of Surgical Scissors!


We are here to offer those surgical needles that are highly appropriate for the use in Surgery. According to the nature of tissues or wound that has to be treated and the area of operation, there is a specific range of surgical needles that have been used. We are providing the needles that give proper balance with the size of suture material. Surgeons offer face difficulties while picking up the surgical instruments, including appropriate design and type of needles for the suture during the completion of Surgery. Here get a sight on major ideal features of surgical needles:

  1. High strength of surgical scissors:  We are competitively offering surgical needles that are rigid enough to eliminate unnecessary twisting or distortion. The needle, which possesses greater power of action, prevents the person from tissue trauma.
  2. High sharpness of surgical scissors: The surgical scissors that we construct are entirely able to penetrate into the epithelial membrane of the skin, or connective tissues as we have the foremost aim is to make the needles sharper for effective and easy penetration process.
  3. Contamination free needles with sterilization approach: We provide the surgical needles that are entirely sterilized under the autoclave decontamination process to prevent them from exposure to microorganisms. Make them corrosion-free to inhibit the growth of tiny infectious particles and contaminate the wound.
  4. Coating of silicon around the surgical needle: Usually, due to the manufacturing process, needles have high friction property. To avoid the friction between the surface of the needle and epithelial layers of skin, we coat the silicon around the needle’s tip to give the lubrication for faster effective action of suture placement and painless effect.

ATTENTION: It is a strictly considerable approach to use the appropriate type of needle for Surgery. Therefore, the use of unsuitable kinds of needles can cause tissues’ injury, i.e., in ophthalmitis (inflammation of an eye) Surgery, the use of a reverse cutting needle can badly cause the injury to an eye.  

Have A Look At Anatomy Of Surgical Needles On A Need To Know Basis!

The surgical needles are different from the hypodermic needles that are used for venipuncture purposes. Let’s get into the structure of surgical needles that we are going to offer to our potential customers are highlighted below:
The surgical needles consist of seven significant components: Needle body, Needle length, Needle Point, Needle Diameter, Needle Radius, Swage, and Needle Chord Length.

  1. Needle chord length: It is basically the length between the needle tips to the end of the needle.
  2. Needle diameter: We prefer to use the thickness of the needle wire and its entire measurement with micron or mm as less thickness causes fewer tissue trauma chances.
  3. Needle radius: It is the distance from the center of the circle to the needle’s body.  

These all are the essential anatomical components that we keep in mind while manufacturing these surgical needles.

We Follow The Elementary Action Plan About How To Design Surgical Needles!


Our company is trying out to get themselves show better in all possible ways by giving the surgical needles in the hour of need. Hence, we follow the surgical made strategies of manufacturing the needles to use life-threatening surgeries to a minor one.
The surgical needles are divided into three categories on the basis of their desirable abilities to perform during Surgery.


  1. Eye Surgical Needle (old fashioned but traumatic needles). We provide these kinds of needles in the current era as these are considered to be old shaped needles. These are economical needles but cause more harm to tissues due to threading of suture in the needle’s eye. Still, they are up for grabs for all those hospitals that cannot afford the other needles’ design. These are somehow less in sharpness and time consuming during Surgery once you prefer to use them.
  2. Eye Less Or Swage Needle (Atraumatic needle):  We are not limited to provide you only conventional designs of needles. Here we have another design of needles which are expansively become a part of Surgery, and these are Swage needles. In such needles, the suture is directly attached to the end of the needle. There are no chances of getting damage to tissues as it is sharp in nature. It saves valuable time along with available for instant use. For a smooth transition, we drill the hole of the needle with a laser so that suture can easily penetrate into the tissues.
  3. Needle Body: It is the part of the needle with almost the entire length of the needle. The needle holder grasps the portion of the needle during the Surgery. It further consists of four types of designs: 
  • Half curved body needle.
  • Compound curved body.
  • Curved body needle.
  • Straight body needle.

These all are designs that we offer to a large number of customers.

Technical Facts of Surgical Needles! 

We have a wide range of surgical needles in the length of 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 35mm, and 50mm. Moreover, our company provides excellent performance in offering needle curvatures mainly consisting of straight, ½ circle (double), and loop around. For cross-section, round-bodied-curved cutting-reverse cutting-micro point spatula curved is highly preferable.

In a nutshell, the usage of surgical needles in different surgeries can never be ignored ever in the future perspective. It acts as the backbone of every Surgery. It is considered to be the termination phase of Surgery.

Hurry up, get your hands on our surgical needles with endless benefits that will be an operative step taken by you towards our company. We happily accommodate you in all aspects of surgical instruments.