Bone Chiesels and Gouges

Bone Chiesels and Gouges

Bone Chisels have a lengthy metal blade and broadly use in orthopedic surgeries to reshape or cut bones. These chisels use in many orthopedic processes, such as open fracture treatment. These instruments design to scrape and create fine cuts without damaging the surrounding structure.

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The Bone Gouge for Lamina offers multiple benefits for orthopedic surgeons. These benefits play an essential role in collecting bone tissue from the laminar bone and removing diseased tissue. For this purpose, the gouge features a narrow, concave blade supplied with a sharp cutting edge.

A bone gouge is a hollow chisel that use to cut into and remove portions of bone. They can use notchplasty to restrict and remove notch fragments and contour bone or remove the cement in other orthopedic procedures

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