Cartilage and Tendon Instruments

Cartilage and Tendon Instruments

At A1Medcare, we provide our customers with exceptional quality cartilage and tendon instruments that help you keep your surgical process clean and efficient. All our tendon instruments are prepare from high-quality raw material, so it stays longer than you think of.

The cartilage and tendon instruments are getting popularity day by day. So it’s essential to contact a reliable online company.  

We at A1Medcare are a reliable online company that you can trust. In addition, our customers are our company’s first priority, so, surely, you get what you order from us. Moreover, if you want to know more about our services, pick up the pace and call us now! 

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A tendon is a sturdy, flexible tissue cord similar to a rope. Tendons join your muscles to your bones. Tendons let us move our limbs. They also prevent muscle injury by absorbing some of the effects your muscles take when you run, jump or do other movements.

Tendons are located between bone and muscles and are bright white in color; their fibro-elastic alignment gives them the strength to transmit large mechanical forces. Each muscle has two tendons, one proximally and one distally.

What Does A Tendon Do?

When you contract your muscle, your tendon pulls the close bone, causing it to move. Tendons fundamentally work as levers to move your bones as your muscles contract and expand.

Moreover, tendons are firmer than muscles and have great strength. For example, the flexor tendons in your foot can grip more than eight times your body weight.

Moreover, we have a range of tendon instruments for use during orthopaedic diagnosis, surgery, or post-surgery. In addition, the cartilage and tendon instruments range includes tendon grasping clamps, tunneling clamps, tendon holding clamps, interlace clamps, gouges, tendon passers, strippers, and tendon retractors.

We offer various shapes and sizes. Furthermore, we understand the importance of making the practitioner’s task easy; thus, all our instruments have exceptionally designed handles for maximum comfort. Moreover, the serrated edges provide a firmer grip.

We are confident that our medical instruments will meet the needs of medical professionals all over the world. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, and we will be more than happy to assist you. In addition, if you are curious about the various products we offer, please feel free to study our catalog for more information.

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