Clip Applying Forceps

Clip Applying Forceps

The Clip Applying Forceps offers an extensive range of surgical benefits. Its primary use is to control haemostasis during surgical procedures that need separating blood vessels. For this purpose, the tool features a pair of small, blunt jaws that are perfect for carrying the vessel clips.

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Furthermore, they won’t rust and can be disinfected with ease. Take a look at our selection of Clip Applying Forceps in our catalog and find the perfect one for your needs and desires. 

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Clip Applying Forceps are exceptional surgical instruments. These clip applying forceps help neurosurgeons in removing/placing the scalp clips. It is perfect for use during craniotomy and many other neurosurgical procedures.

These forceps have numerous variations, such as scalp clips. They are also known as hemostat forceps with a spring ring and locking mechanism. The locking mechanism permits easy handling without any slippage during surgical procedures.

The ring handle assures precise handling and manipulation. They can also stop bleeding during surgical procedures and from pooling in many surgical sites of the scalp.

The numerous variations make them highly suitable for a range of surgical procedures. The body of the tool is made of medical-grade stainless steel. This metal keeps it lightweight and rust-free. The metal has high tensile power and resistance against environmental changes.

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