Lamina Spreaders

Lamina Spreaders

Lamina Spreaders are an exceptional instrument use in various surgical procedures such as laminectomies or anywhere that needs spreading of skin and tissue layers.  

In addition, these spreaders feature teeth that allow for a safe grip on the tissue that is being manipulated without causing slippage.
Additionally, this tool can spread two inches wide and is made with a mildly curved profile that allows the tool to be out of the field of surgery, giving the best access to the surgeon.

A1Medcare is one of the market leaders that provides you with the best lamina spreaders that can help you increase the efficiency of medical procedures.
Feel free to study our catalog and choose the best lamina spreaders for your needs. If you have any questions, our experts are always happy to help!

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The Lamina Spreader use in numerous surgeries where the spreading of skin require. Also, it is appropriate for providing the perfect grip on the tissues.

It can use to discrete the lamina of the spinal cord during laminectomies. It comes with a combination of distinctions to pick the top one of your choice. Furthermore, it creates from high-grade surgical stainless steel and thus can reuse after sterilization.


  1. Stainless
  2. High Tensile Strength
  3. Requires Low Maintenance
  4. Spreader Teeth

A1Medcare offers a wide range of surgical spreaders with considerable differences. Our multipurpose instruments are perfect to be a part of your unique surgical kit for years if cared for accurately. These lamina spreaders usually prefer to perform various surgical operations.

This stainless metal keeps it lightweight and rustproof. Low maintenance is essential due to having high tensile strength and battling against environmental changes. They can reuse after sterilization.

In addition, we can design lamina spreaders according to our customer’s needs. The instruments are all fine, sturdy, and sharp. Millions of surgeons throughout the globe trust on and use our top surgical instruments that set values in the surgery field. 

Furthermore, we allow the world’s top care community to efficiently manage their surgical practices and deliver quality care to patients.

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