Needle Holders

Needle Holders

Needle holders can help make or break your medical procedure. A minor mistake can cause a major problem, so it is important to use a needle holder that you can trust. A1 Medcare creates needle holders using exceptional raw materials and the latest technology to give you a product that is both safe and reliable.

Our surgical steel can be used time and again without worry. Furthermore, the jaws, hinge, shank, and ring are all designed for a perfect grip every time. With an A1 Medcare needle holder, you can trust that your medical procedure will be a success.

You can view the various shapes and sizes we offer in our catalog.

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Suturing and needlework require precision and a steady hand. A needle holder helps you maintain that precision and steadiness by providing a secure grip on the needle. 

A needle holder has many parts, including the jaws, hinge, shank, and ring. 

The jaws open and close to grip the needle while the hinge allows the needle holder to open and close smoothly. The shank is the part of the needle holder that goes into your hand, and the ring is the handle. 

A1 Medcare uses the latest technology and highest quality materials to create our surgical steel needle holders. We employ expert manufacturers that work to create a reliable and safe product. 

Our team works diligently to create medical instruments that take the worry out of your procedure. You can trust that an A1 Medcare needle holder will provide a perfect grip every time. 

You can view the different shapes and sizes we offer in our catalog. We have a needle holder for every need. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect needle holder for your needs.

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