Plastic Surgery Forceps

Plastic Surgery Forceps

Plastic surgery forceps use in surgical procedures for grasping tissue. Often, the tips have “teeth” to firmly hold a tissue. 

Usually, tissue forceps design to diminish damage to biological tissue. In addition, these forceps use for subtle tissue handling and traction during a procedure.

A1Medcare offers a comprehensive catalog of manufactured cosmetic surgery instruments and purchases for doctors and plastic surgeons. 

We are a medical supplies company that offers plastic surgery and other surgical instruments to medical professionals at very competitive prices. Medical supplies and instruments are obtainable for all cosmetic, maxillofacial, and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

Moreover, study our selection of plastic surgery forceps in our catalog. We are confident you can find the perfect one for your needs and requirements.

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Plastic surgery procedures are made to restore, alter, replace, or reconstruct areas of the body in areas such as skin, cranio and maxillofacial, musculoskeletal, hand, breast, and torso.

In addition, types of instruments usually used in plastic surgery include:

  1. Awls, Chisels, Curettes, Gouges, and Mallets
  2. Pliers, Osteotomes, Rasps, Rongeurs, and Wire and Pin instruments
  3. Cannulas, Calipers, Gauges, Markers, and Rulers
  4. Clamps, Forceps, Graspers, Elevators, and Spreaders
  5. Dissectors, Elevators, Hooks, and Probes
  6. Needle Holders and Needles
  7. Scissors in traditional and Super-Cut styles

In addition, growth in the world market is set to be driven by growing demand for minimally-invasive or non-invasive surgeries, and high uptake of cosmetic surgical processes among both women and men to enhance looks.

Moreover, an increasing number of cosmetic surgeries and increasing attention to personal looks and aesthetics enhance the demand for plastic surgery instruments.  We offer distinct plastic surgery instruments. Plastic surgery forceps consider one of the highly complex operations. Moreover, it needs very modern and state-of-the-art surgical instruments.

In addition, we manufacture high-quality plastic surgery instruments that will benefit you in making the process clean and efficient. At A1Medcare, we use the highest quality raw materials to ensure that our instruments meet or exceed your expectations. 

Browse through our website to find the perfect plastic surgery forceps for your needs, or contact us today to learn more about for products.

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