Rib Shears

Rib Shears

Rib shears are a surgical tool and use in many surgical operations. They use to open chest cavities, but it is also use in many other orthopedic surgeries to cut the accessible bones. They craft from high-grade surgical stainless steel and can reuse after sterilization.

Rib Shears can help make or break your medical procedure. A slight mistake can cause a major problem, so using rib shears that you can trust is essential. 

A1Medcare creates outstanding surgical instruments using excellent raw materials and the latest technology to give you a product that is both harmless and reliable.

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Rib shears are a surgical tool and use in many surgical processes. These instruments use to open chest cavities, but they are also use in many other orthopedic surgeries to cut the available bones. These tools are made from high-quality surgical stainless steel. 

This metal keeps it lightweight and rust-free. Low maintenance is compulsory due to having high tensile strength and resistance to environmental changes. In addition, the complete instrument length ranges from 8 ½” to 13 3/4″.

Rib Shears optimally modify for cutting ribs in cardiothoracic operation. The right-angled fit in the neck of this shear lets for increased maneuverability while preserving the handle out of the surgical field. 

This exceptional design allows for the rib to be clipped while still leaving the surgical arena open and easily by taking the handle out of the plane of the ribs. The hook shape blade permits the rib’s contour to sit in this groove and be cut cleanly.

A1 Medcare instrument presents our value of continuing to meet our customer’s demands. You can depend on our instruments for the advanced state-of-the-art patterns to deliver the finest quality instruments. Our broad catalog display provides extensive information about the product.

We are a responsible company, and our concern is to provide you with exceptional quality surgical instruments. We aim to assist you in achieving the best possible outcomes. Moreover, we don’t compromise on our products’ durability, reliability, and quality. 

In addition, we are well aware that our customers and their patients rely on us always to provide the best possible product and services!

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