Rib Spreders

Rib Spreders

A rib spreader, also identified as Finochietto retractor, is a type of retractor precisely designed to separate ribs in thoracic surgery. 

To have the best quality rib spreders is very important to make the overall surgery process simple and efficient. That’s why we are here for all your needs and desires. 

We at A1Medcare offer you exceptional quality rib spreders that help you make the surgery clean and effective. Our team works diligently to generate medical instruments that take the worry out of your procedure. You can trust that our rib spreders will provide a perfect grip every time. 

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Rib Spreader is a surgical instrument perfect for spreading ribs in cardiothoracic surgery. It is a category of the surgical retractor. 

Here are some of the types:

  • Finochietto Rib Spreader
  • Burd Finochietto Rib Spreader
  •  Harken Rib Spreader
  • Haight Baby Rib Spreader

In addition, this surgical instrument can reuse after proper cleaning and sterilization. It is lightweight, strong, and reliable. Rib Spreader is designed with traditional curved arms. 

Furthermore, this instrument is ideally use in cardiothoracic surgeries to generate and maintain a space between the ribs to allow clear access to the surgical field. 

Moreover, these spreaders come with a normal slight curvature to the arms, giving them a contour that allows a more secure fit and hold. 

We hope you can get a lot of information from this article about rib spreders. So it’s time to purchase these instruments from A1 Medcare! In addition. We use high-quality steel that helps us create perfect instruments.

During any medical procedure, you need tools that you can count on, and our surgical instruments are tools that you can count on. In addition, we offer various shapes and sizes that can help increase the efficiency and productivity of your medical staff.

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