Skin Hooks

Skin Hooks

A skin hook is a small medical tool use to hold, grasp, and position slight soft tissues during the suturing phase of a surgical procedure.

It may have one or two same thin curved hooks at the end of the tool and often use with a pointer holder during suturing to decrease the damage to the fragile tissue being stitched closed.

In addition, skin hooks use in many distinct medical procedures that need the gentle turning of skin and soft tissue, including helpful surgical procedures on the eyes, suturing facial skin, and stitching the subtle individual layers of the skin.

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The prongs of the skin hook tool can customize according to the process performed. Some types of this surgical instrument have very sharp and thin hooks. Other skin hooks feature prongs that are dense and have dull tips.

The skin hooks may have a solo prong or double prongs. Moreover, prongs often categorize as extra fine, standard, or delicate; the classification allows the surgical preparation team to select the most suitable instrument.

Type of Skin Hook

One type of skin hook is a primary surgical instrument called thumb forceps, more usually known as tweezers. At the clutching portion of the tweezers, small hooks add in place of teeth-like projections frequently present on the end of the instrument. The thin hooks can move very slight thin tissue without leaving marks or causing damage.

Another type of skin hook features a long thin piece of surgical stainless steel with one or two tiny prongs at the end of the instrument. In addition, these skin hooks use for procedures on thicker soft tissues, such as the abdominal organs or lungs. 

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