Tonsil Snares

Tonsil Snares

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The tonsil snare is a broadly used surgical instrument in tonsillectomy procedures. It features a right-angle design that lets easy handling of a snare without blocking the oral cavity. The wire loop snare use to encircle the affected tonsils.

Tonsil snares are beneficial when removing the tonsils. This surgical ENT tool is one of the several other tools professionals use in operations involving the tonsils. The tonsil snares are perfect to use, so that the contamination in the tonsils will no longer scatter to the other body parts.

They have considerable differences, such as snares with straight & Vedder tips, straight tip only, and Vedder tip only. The straight tip supports getting accessible entrance to the surgical site in tonsillectomy. These variations make them highly suitable for various medical approaches and ideal for tonsillectomy.

This multipurpose instrument is crafted from 100% high-grade surgical stainless steel and can reuse after sterilization. This feature makes this tool flawless for multiple uses. 

Low maintenance is compulsory due to having high tensile strength and resistance against environmental variations. This metal keeps it lightweight and rust-free.

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A1Medcare offers an extensive range of tonsil snares with numerous variations. Our multipurpose instruments are ideal to be a part of your exceptional surgical kit for years if cared for properly. These instruments are broadly prefer to perform a broad range of surgical operations. 

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