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Thought-Provoking Strategies to Implement Surgical Scissors

Chapter 1: Don’t Be Afraid of the Surgical Scissors Unless You Don’t Know About it.


Surgical Scissors:

Welcome to the A1Medcare; we are here to guide you about the surgical scissors that will be used during various operations with aseptic circumstances. Surgeons use different types of surgical scissors during different types of operations in order to cut the cluster of tissues inside the human body or on the skin. The blades of these scissors are either curved or straight.

While in operation, the effect of tissue dissection is achieved when the sharpened edges slide against each other when the bows opposite to the joint are closed. However, for perfect wound healing, surgeons should cut exactly at the point where the blades meet. The cutting effects due to bluntness or limp joints have to be avoided while in surgery. Now, there are two different scenarios. First are the right-hand surgeons, and second is left, hand surgeons. Usually, scissors are designed for right-handed persons, but as a matter of fact high-quality surgical scissors with good tension also used by left-handed surgeons individually.
Scissors for surgeries are the most important and valuable items made from high-grade medical stainless steel, tungsten carbide which is sanitized before shipping worldwide.

Difference Between Stainless Steel and Disposable Scissors:

Well, there are some theories about these two types of scissors. Such as; some approaches have already been made to offer disposable surgical scissors into the market.
Until now, disposable scissors’ success is limited and doesn’t compare to the stainless-steel scissors, because at the very moment, high-quality surgical scissors are reusable, and it’s about 2000 different types of these scissors in use on a daily basis.

Chapter 2: Types of Surgical Scissors for Specific Surgery and their Implemented Strategies:

Just like every person’s imagination on their first surgery, they always think as doctors will;

  • Cut the limps too deep
  • Drag the Tissues outside of the body
  • Make a permanent whole in the organs
  • Incision of arteries to built up a new way for blood flow

Which are literally an amateur mindset will think. But that’s not the truth. Because these are some lines that spontaneously come into the patient’s mind before surgery but don’t need to worry about before, with the order of surgical scissors, we sterilize them in a way that will cut off the germ factor.
Similarly, in a way, there are multiple shapes, sizes, and dimensions of these scissors we provide such as;

  • Metzenbaum Scissors
  • Electrical Scissors
  • Mayo Scissors
  • Blunt Scissors
  • Bandage Scissors

Metzenbaum Scissors:

Metzenbaum Scissors

We want to give you an example of Metzenbaum scissors use in an operation. But first, we will elaborate on what a Metzenbaum scissor is and how it is operated. Long story short, Metzenbaum scissor contains a curved end and the other is straight.

While in an Operation:

For handling of abdominal tissue and organs which are most delicate and friable, Metzenbaum scissors are ideally suited. Their blade is usually curved and straight, as told in the upper paragraph. Since the shanks are comparatively long as compared to the sharp send, the haptic feedback is excellent. During the surgery, the surgeons feel well whether the structure dissected is soft or hard which helps him to discriminate the border between critical areas.
Even the most important thing is the “sensitivity” of the scissors in case of blunt dissection since the scissors can also be used to separate or spreading the tissue.
Note: High-quality Metzenbaum scissors are expensive and shouldn’t be used for too rough tasks, such as cutting of sutures, meshes, or sponges.

Mayo Scissors:

Mayo Scissors are very adequate for many surgeries. Because mayo scissors contain semi blunt tips, we can design mayo scissors in a way that can be used for suture, sponges which are also their properties.

Mayo Scissors

The blades and the handling of Mayo scissors are stronger as compare to Metzenbaum scissors. Spontaneously mayo scissors are used to cut meshes, plastics, and rubber which requires higher cutting forces than a cluster of tissues. The blunt side used to hold up the tissue and sharp end facilitates a precise elaboration of the object, such as a plastic wire or rubber.

Electric Scissors:

A new type of surgical scissor is introduced called “electrical” shears. It’s a fantastic object which used to prevent smaller bleeding out of the tiny arteries and capillaries (it’s so thick that red blood cells move in a line) with specially insulated designed scissors.

Prior to the definitive cut, coagulation of the tissue between the blades is induced by an electrical impulse. In simple words, the bleeding is sucked in the insulated pipes of the scissors using electrical impulse and revered the process in the same way while suturing, which is a result can be a induce of blood by the donors. It’s a new technology introduced in the world, works via batteries or some other operation that A1Medcare is providing worldwide.

Chapter 3: Stain Guide for Stainless-Steel Surgical Scissors:

It’s a caution to tell if the scissors are rushed or just contain dry blood after the surgery. Sometimes, when surgeons perform surgery, the blood spots remain on the scissors. It is because of two major factors:

  • High pH of Blood
  • Low pH of Blood

Some patient’s blood has high pH, some low, and that tells with the spots of the blood. But we do the process of sterilization on the surgical scissors made of stainless steel. Two Things that can tell if the material is of Stainless Steel or not:

During the process of sterilization, if the stain changes its color, then it’s rush, and if it doesn’t, then it’s stainless steel. So, you can also check by yourself, but A1Medcare never compromises on the quality issues and strive to the best in the medical industry.

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