Custom Surgical Scissors

The Role of Surgical Scissors in a Surgery – A Thorough Guide

Chapter 1: It’s Impossible to Operate Without Surgical Scissors:
As some of the usages of scissors are mentioned in the previous scissor’s blog, now with the medical approach. The usage of scissors is massive in the medical industry such as:


  • Minor to Major Surgeries (Cutting down of connective tissues, supportive tissues, tendons, and ligaments)
  • Sutures (Cut off Stitches)
  • Sense of Touch of Tumor’s Growth (Physically)
  • Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorder (Arteriosclerosis) 
  • Cut the Umbilical Cord
  • Removal and Implantation of Organs
  • Blunt Dissection (Spreading of Tissues)

Minor and Major Surgeries:

During the surgery of your minor and major organs, these scissors play their role in many ways, including cutting, siding the ligaments, checking tumor growth, etc.

Sutures (Cutting of Stitches):

Let us tell you about the sutures in the first place. There are different types of sutures, which totally depend upon the wound. For face scars, a different type of suture is used because no one wants to get scars on their face. Therefore, surgeons used stitches in a way to prevent scars, which can impact the life of the patient.
Meanwhile, blunt scissors are used to cut down the stitches. Because of both the ends plain and never ever renew the wound in any particular way.

Sense of Touch of Tumor’s Growth (Physically):

In the surgery of the tumor, surgeons have to figure out the growth of the tumor inside the body. Metzenbaum scissors are used because of their curvedness and little force to push the tumor for checking the sturdiness, which helps in its dissection.

Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorder (Arteriosclerosis):

Arteriosclerosis is a condition that involves the inurement and narrowing of the arteries. This disease occurs due to cholesterol accumulates along the walls of the arteries and causes obstruction of the blood vessels. The arterial hardening mainly occurs when an individual is on a diet with unhealthily high levels of cholesterol. Therefore, the blockages in the arteries can increase the risk of heart failure, which is the basic cause of death in urban society. The internal cholesterol level can also be associated with age and emotional stress. Other than that, individuals that have a poor diet and hobby of smoking and drinking alcohol may also be at risk for having arteriosclerosis.

Therefore, for a heart bypass, surgeons have to cut the clotted arteries for the blood flow using Metzenbaum scissors with which the blood flow continues in the whole body without any obstacle in the way.

In a different scenario, to remove the embolus in the arteries, surgeons use a stent that goes into the arteries and incises and excise it, which is called incision and excision, and straight scissors are used to cut the length of the stent, which expand the arteries from constriction.
Moreover, for the worst-case scenario will be when you suffered from the condition of thrombus, the length of the stent will be more than to expand the arteries of the patient, which is a rare case and a critical one.

Cut the Umbilical Cord:

The umbilical cord is the connection between the placenta and baby, which supplies blood between the mother and the baby. Surgeons have designed a scissor which only used to cut the umbilical cord called “Umbilical Cord Scissor.” Because it’s a sensitive matter, and the scissor has to be worthy containing without any possibility for any type of disease during delivery. For that, we know the scenarios and manufacture the perfect measured Umbilical Scissors.

Removal and Implantation of Organs:

In a surgery where you have to remove and implant organs in the human body, surgeons use Metzenbaum scissors and Mayo scissors to cut the cluster of various tissues to cut the veins and the arteries of the organ.

Tissue that is removed via a Surgery:

  • Supportive Tissues
  • Connective Tissues
  • Intramuscular Tissues
  • Skeletal Tissues
  • Myocardial Tissues

The cluster of tissues cut diagonally, which results in the easy opening of tissues for removal of the organ gently from the donor and implantation to the recipient.

Blunt Dissection:

The cluster of tissues from the body caused by any disease is removed by surgical scissors, which cut the clusters diagonally, and the rest ripped easily. However, without scissors, it’s impossible to do surgery. 

Using surgical scissors, you can remove adipose tissues from the body done. Similarly, in a different case, doing an operation of the appendix (non-functional organ of the human body) is also cut by Metzenbaum Scissors and Mayo Scissors for various human body conditions.

Chapter 2: Contamination Control of Surgical Scissors (An Important Step):


A1Medcare examines these scissors through sterilization and Autoclaving before shipping to you. The chemicals used for sterilization surgical scissors are:

Sterilization Process:

  • 70% Iso Propyl Alcohol
  • Ethanol


A1Medcare manufacture these scissors for and take precautions of them as well as;

  • Well Maintained Pressure of 121’C
  • Ambient Temperature


An autoclave is an apparatus in which surgical instruments rest before the surgery with well-maintained Pressure of 121’C, and the ambient temperature is those aseptic factors that decrease the exposure of microorganisms and disease-causing infections and pathogenicity.
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